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SCF - Single Christian Female

Being single and 33 years old is not all that bad.  I mean I know that I’m anxiously (not desperately) waiting to get married but, in due time.  Actually when I look back in my life, I thought that at the age of 18 I was ready to get married! Boy was I ever wrong.  The type of relationships that I had was ok but not all that healthy.

Until I met the Lord and allowed him into my...

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The Flower Within Me

Droplets of tears at nights Not for the identified thorn

But for the Flower that birthed within me Its blossoms are the mark of a new day

Its leaves are the beauty within me Its roots are the representative of my strength.

Deep inside of me a well has sprang Like the endless journey of water As I open the flower only to discover, that the truth was always within me The...

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The Expression of a Smile

A smile of love that brings a warm embrace;

A smile that brings joy each and every day, that takes away all the hurt and pain.

Isn't it amazing what a smile can do?  It has many different meanings, see which one belongs to you. In fact, they may all belong to you but don't forget to share your smile this day for there is someone who is waiting to see it, depending on what they...

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