It was November 1994, when Bishop John C. Taylor, 8 adults and 5 children assembled around the centre post at 21 Elrose Avenue in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Bishop Taylor spoke about the vision God gave him “to gather the people and God’s promise to send him help.”

In 2001, under Bishop Taylor’s dynamic and progressive leadership, Light and Life Ministries purchased its first property.  Four years later, with Bishop Taylor’s inspired faith, wisdom and great insight, the church paid off it’s 10-year mortgage, while many other churches still struggled to purchase property or payoff their current mortgages.

The design and décor of the 17,000+ sq. ft. facility is reflective of the vision and instructions the Lord gave Bishop Taylor concerning the ministry.  The central color of the church is green, which speaks of ‘prosperity.’ (Psalms 23:2)

Now, 20 years later, the congregation has grown to over 600 partners and is still growing rapidly.

Catch the Revelation

Light and Life Ministries is a ‘Ministry of Reconciliation’.  It’s the 21st century church with a mandate to re-present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations.

We are a church “unusual”; a place where the program partners with the Holy Spirit, a place where people are not afraid to worship in Spirit and in Truth.  In service expect to see signs, miracles and wonders and people crying, laughing, dancing, kneeling and even laying prostrate on the floor.

Light and Life Ministries desires to lead the world to worship God through; love, loyalty, evangelism and discipleship, while encouraging its members to “be focused, be an original and do not die a copy.”

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