Pastor John C. Taylor

Bishop Dr. John Cecil Taylor is the founder and Senior Pastor of Light and Life Ministries.  Bishop Taylor has been married to the lovely and amazing Lorna Taylor for over 30 years.  Bishop and First Lady Taylor, share two beautiful children Joanne and Matthew. His family has faithfully served Light and Life Ministries since its inception back in November 1994.  Bishop Taylor is definitely a family man and believes strongly in the sanctity of marriage.  In many of his sermons, you will hear him speak about the importance of keeping family together, a principle that he abides by in his own life.  Having been raised in a large family, he has continued to use the qualities that he was brought up with and made them a precedent here at Light and Life Ministries.

Before arriving in Canada in the eighties, Bishop John C. Taylor served as Youth Leader, Praise and Worship Leader, Deacon, and was on the Board of Directors at his hometown church in Jamaica.  Upon arriving to Canada, Bishop John C. Taylor attended and completed his ministerial training at Canada Christian College and in 2006 was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree.  Dr. Bishop John C. Taylor has well over 40 years serving in various aspects of ministry.  Bishop John Taylor has been ordained since 1987.

From starting and establishing a successful business, to building churches, all the way to developing young future ministers, Bishop John Taylor is not only father, Pastor, or Bishop; he is truly a nurturer of God’s people and a true man of valor.  This same dexterity, in which he operates in, is the same that he uses to empower his congregation and internet viewers worldwide.  His direct approach preaching style is inspired and directed by God.  His boldness and “tell it like it is” approach has allowed God to use him to heal and teach people who would not otherwise hear the Word of God.

Bishop John C. Taylor is also a psalmist.  Praise and worship is the key to his services as it is the single most important sacrifice to our Almighty Father Jesus Christ.  Bishop Taylor’s love of praise and worship has transcended his sermons above and beyond what you might expect in traditional church services.

First Lady Lorna Taylor

Graceful, loyal, patient, and a beacon of strength, First Lady Lorna Taylor has selflessly devoted her life to serving in ministry alongside her husband Bishop John C. Taylor and her two children for over 3 decades. Her unyielding belief and adamant drive to assist in cultivating a culture of hope, acceptance and love through the ministry of reconciliation has unquestionably positively impacted and changed many lives over the years.

An intercessor for the people, teacher, encourager and maternal figure, First Lady Lorna Taylor’s passion for children, youth, the marginalized and those in need stem from her early years as a child growing up in Jamaica. Her desire to love people through their situations and give them hope through showing that she cares has only grown since. Having a diploma in Christian Counselling, and years of experience within and beyond the four walls of the church in capacities such as: youth justice re-integration, street missions and community advocacy, First Lady Lorna Taylor keeps her approach to ministry practical and hands on.

She is, a voice of encouragement that pierces through fear, open arms whose language unmistakably voices that, “I care”, she has a smile so warm and radiant its influence lifts and inspires. Whether she’s found behind the pulpit, in the pews, in the hospitals or on the mission field helping those in need, First Lady Lorna Taylor exemplifies Christ-like love. A mother indeed, she accepts all who come her way, and like every good mother, her best work is done in prayer.

We honour our First Lady Lorna Taylor as a woman of strength.

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