Cell Ministry

Sunday Mornings at 10:30 A.M.

Cell Group Ministries

The actual definition of the word “CELL” is, “Various small groups or compartments forming a part of a whole organization.  Light and Life Ministries Cell Groups,  is where believers have the opportunity to delve into the Bible further and ask the questions that they seek the answers to in order to further clarify the WORD of GOD and the teachings of our Sheppard,  Bishop John C. Taylor.

Cell groups play a crucial role in the spiritual development of the believer.  It is in Cell-Groups is where the word can be dissected and shared by fellow members of the congregation.  In the several groups that are assembled,  each member has the opportunity to share what they have learned from diverse knowledge that we as a congregation receive. Having the congregation engaged in the WORD OF GOD is crucial in their development, and this forum provides each believer with the opportunity to speak and or testify of the goodness of GOD and how the “WORD” has impacted their lives.   Do you have questions about the “WORD OF GOD”?, looking for clarity?,  Do you have a “WORD” that GOD has given you to share? Well make it a priority to come out to Light and Life Cell Group Ministries.

We meet every Sunday Morning without fail from 10am to 10:45am.  We here at Light and Life Ministries look forward to your “GOD GIVEN” contribution.

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